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Deputy Commander - Seniors

Captain Juan M. Urista

Captain Juan M. Urista was assigned as the squadron Deputy Commander for Seniors in July of 2014. He began his volunteer service in the Civil Air Patrol in March 2013 first as assistant Public Affairs Officer then as Primary Public Affairs Officer for the squadron. He is a Marine Corps veteran having served in Desert Shield/Desert Storm. His active Marine Corps service was in helicopter maintenance and his reserve service was in public affairs.

Captain Urista has followed a non-traditional career path that has taken him from military service to runs at the big and small screens in Hollywood. A lifelong fan of aviation, he has not only maintained real world aircraft, he has also played pilot and Marine roles in television and film on shows such as Pensacola:Wings of Gold starring James Brolin and Kenny Johnson, JAG starring David James Elliott, and appearing onscreen alongside Nicolas Cage in Windtalkers. He also worked as a battlefield pyrotechnic effects technician and training operations coordinator for Strategic Operations Tactical Training, Inc in San Diego. Strategic Operations provides hyper-realistic training support for law enforcement and armed forces training to deploy overseas and as first responders in emergencies.

While still in pursuit of his private pilot license, he has managed to log a few hours behind the controls of both fixed and rotary wing aircraft. He is a certificated Advanced Ground Instructor and holds Associate of Science degrees from San Diego Miramar College in Aviation Operations Management and Aviation Maintenance Technology. He also holds an Associate of Arts degree in Social and Behavioral Science from Miramar College and is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Leadership Studies from Regent University in Virginia Beach.

Captain Urista is an avid student of the martial arts and has earned his black belt in American Kung Fu and has been an instructor for over 12 years. He also likes to relax and focus his thoughts and channel his energy into playing guitar, drums, and piano.

Captain Urista is married and has two children who he hopes will inherit his love of aviation and aerospace.