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Business Memberships

A business member is any U.S. corporation, partnership, proprietorship, or organization which applies for CAP membership in the name of the corporation, partnership, proprietorship or organization. This category of membership is designed for members of the business community who demonstrate a desire to financially support CAP’s missions and programs.

Although Civil Air Patrol is an auxiliary of the United States Air Force, funding needed for training, cadet programs, aerospace education, and unit activities are provided by local members.  For much of its activities, the Herndon Composite Squadron relies on general fund drives, United Way contributions, and business member sponsorships.


As a federally chartered nonprofit organization, the Civil Air Patrol is tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code. Business sponsorship is tax deductible.  Business Members are critical to the Herndon Composite Squadron's continued operation. Business memberships are available at a number of levels:





Aerospace Education Membership 
This category is designed for teachers and others who are interested in aerospace education. Aerospace Education members (AEMs) receive free educational products for grades K-12 including lesson plans, teaching strategies and a newsletter.

Patron Member is a financial supporter who maintains current membership through payment of annual membership dues and participates in a limited capacity. 


Cadet Sponsor is a special membership category that allows parents, grandparents and legal guardians to participate with their young relatives who are cadets. Cadet sponsors serve as chaperons and provide transportation during squadron activities. They are offered discounted membership dues and have a limited volunteer commitment.