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Payments / Donations

Squadron Dues

Virginia Wing procedures prohibit the squadron from electronically collecting dues. All squadron dues for cadet and senior members must be remitted by cash or check (preferred) to the squadron finance officer.
                                                         Adult       Cadet
National/State Membership Dues:         $51         $37
Squadron Membership Dues:               $50         $20

National Membership Dues (FY 2016)

National Patron Membership$35$35
Cadet Sponsor Membership$30$20
Aerospace Education Membership $35$35
Student Aerospace Education Membership$20$15

Note: Fees subject to change. See the membership dues area for the latest fee amounts


$ 100.00     (Friend of CAP)
$ 500.00     (Contributor to CAP)
$ 2,500.00   (Associate Membership)
$ 5,000.00   (Full Membership)

$ Any Donation is Welcome

If you would like to make a donation to the squadron, please contact the squadron finance officer at