Search & Rescue - Ground

Ground Team Members

As part of the overall Emergency Services team, Civil Air Patrol trains and maintains ground teams that carry out the rescue portion of Search and Rescue. And unlike the requirement for aircrews to be 18 years of age and older, becoming a part of a ground team is open to cadet and senior member alike. Members with a desire to participate in ground team operations receive training in 
  • Land Navigation 
  • Map Reading
  • Radio Communications
  • Rescue techniques
  • and much more
All training is done in accordance with the National Incident Management System (NIMS) established by the Department of Homeland Security. The importance of having qualified ground teams cannot be overstated. The vital role that ground teams play in Emergency Services can mean the difference between a successful find and rescue and tragedy. Ground team members at the Leesburg Composite Squadron have a dedicated training night every month to learn new skills and practice those already learned in addition to regular training missions and evaluation missions at the Group, Wing, and Regional levels. With over 150 total members at Leesburg, there is plenty of experience,and expertise, to help you become a highly valued asset to your community as a search and rescue team member.

There are 4 levels of knowledge and expertise as a Ground Team Member: GTM1, GTM2, GTM3 and GTL, with each level building on the knowledge and experience gained at the previous level. Please Follow the links below or the navigation bars to learn more about each level, and for training material and references to pertinent regulations governing ground teams.

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