Public Affairs

The roles of the Public Affairs Office are that of advisers to the Commander and the official communications channel for the squadron. The PAO is part of the Command Staff in the organization and serves to develop and implement the Public Affairs strategy for the unit. The Public Affairs Officer is generally a specialist in the field of public communications. Although a formal education and experience in communications and public affairs is helpful in fulfilling the role of Public Affairs Officer or Assistant PAO, it is not necessary that you come to the squadron fully credentialed. Civil Air Patrol provides the training necessary to fulfill the job and accomplish the missions of Public Affairs. Members interested in Public Affairs can enroll in the Public Affairs specialty track (201) and earn Technician, Senior and Master ratings in their professional development continuing education.

The missions of the Public Affairs Office are tri-fold. Our first is to inform internal and external audiences of the national importance and the vital role Civil Air Patrol plays in our local community and on the national level. To that end, the Leesburg Composite Squadron publishes The Ace Newsletter and maintains this website. We are the outreach arm to  news media and will inform our stakeholders of the accomplishments and triumphs of the Flying Aces.

Safeguarding the image of the Civil Air Patrol and its corporate assets is another facet of the the PAO mission. All members are keenly aware of the importance of maintaining the highest standards of appearance, conduct, and performance when representing the Civil Air Patrol. As advisers to the command it is the duty of the Public Affairs Officers to ensure that our members maintain high standards in all aspects of their service to our community and nation under the banner of CAP, and inform the commander of trends which are contrary to or degrade those standards and work with key staff members to reverse those trends and re-elevate the standards through proper training.

The third element of the Public Affairs mission is to strengthen relations with key audiences and customers, so that our squadron, and Civil Air Patrol can continue to grow. By maintaining a presence in the community and informing our audiences of what it is we do as Civil Air Patrol men and women, we continue to garner support for our missions, be it in materials or money contributions or increases in active membership.

Civil Air Patrol has been an active part of our nations aviation and aerospace activities since 1946. Many cadets and senior members have gone on to distinguish themselves as leaders and pillars of their communities. Civil Air Patrol continues to be one of America's "best kept secrets". It is our mission at the Leesburg Composite Squadron to let the cat out of the bag.